Welcome to Against The Grain Pet Nutrition

 Making this announcement is heartbreaking for me. Due to a health condition, I must close Against The Grain Pet Nutrition. It is my hope that one of several individuals I have met with will take over my business and run it as similarly as they can - and what my friends and customers have come to rely on. I will miss all of you immensely. 

Here you will discover just how happy and healthy your furry family members can be when fed the natural diet that nature intended.

Did you know that you can dramatically increase your pet’s overall health through their diet? With a basic understanding of the true essentials of natural pet nutrition, you will be equipped to make the best choices for your pet’s individual dietary needs. Against The Grain (ATG) has an online Learning Center for you to access. Additionally, we provide individual consultations at no charge to help pet owners make informed decisions about the pet food products on the market today.

Our customers love their pets and treat them like members of the family. And it is our goal at ATG to help them enjoy the fullest life possible with their pets. That is why we offer FREE local delivery to your home or business. This unique service enables you to spend more time with your pets and less time shopping for them. No more worries about running out of your pet’s special food or lifting heavy bags again! 

At ATG we offer the finest commercial pet foods available, including these premium brands:

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The pet foods and treats we sell contain ingredients that are carefully selected to provide maximum nutritional benefits. They have no useless fillers, by-products or harmful chemicals. For our customers who prefer a fresh diet for their pets, we sell raw frozen food and dehydrated meals.

At a glance, the pet foods we offer may seem more expensive than some brands. However, we believe that in the long run, our products actually SAVE you money. You will spend less in vet bills because your pet will be in optimal health. You can purchase food less often since our food is more nutritious, (meaning you usually feed less per meal). Plus, you will save on those high fuel prices because we deliver right to you door.

Most importantly - the love of a happy pet whose years are filled with pep, wellness and vitality is nothing short of priceless.

To contact us:

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